New Classes!

Hope everyone has kept warm through these cold months. This month, we are introducing our dojos regular schedule at the Asian Arts Initiative! It took a little longer than expected to get in there, but we will be holding classes every Wednesday 7-9pm on the second floor. $15 per night or $45 for the whole month! Please come out and bring your friends!Image


Friends of the dojo

Instructors shotPhoto courtesy of ME Photo & Design

Video courtesy of Samantha Jay Photography

ImagePhoto courtesy of Bill Strouse Photography

These photos and videos were not done by anyone in our dojo, rather very generous friends who took time out of their busy lives to help our dojo look better than pixelated raw footage. They will be linked below and have a permanent home on our links page. Check them out of it like them.

ImagePhoto courtesy of Michael J Serra

Fundraiser continues and shout outs

We had a great first week with the fundraiser!Shout outs to all our contributors to the campaign last week:
Terry Barker
The good folks from EVMA (or Chuck Norris’s beard)
Jackie Chan
Master Shifu
Dennis Wood
and Petra and Richard Winters

Thank you all for bringing us a step closer to reaching our goal.

Any and all contribution are helpful. Please like, share, and contribute as you’d please.

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Changes to come

This is the season for many changes in our dojo.

We will be moving our programming from our current ‘guerrilla style’ teaching tactics out of students houses and parks to a more permanent space at the Asian Arts Initiative starting in late summer/early fall. We are planning on having a 45 minute family class for kids and adults, and an hour adults course after on Wednesday nights from 7-9. We will be doing a fundraiser for this shortly to get up the funds for a years space at the Asian Arts Initiative. More on that to come.

Also, as we have made this well known, each week we are officially going to be offering a free class in the Philadelphia area. We have found a nice home behind the Art Museum, but may occasionally change it up to Fairmount Park, and elsewhere around the area. This will now be a permanent fixture in our scheduling, though it may slightly vary week to week, and as the seasons change.

Lastly, I, Jonathan Ebersole, will be leaving the Philadelphia area and moving to Tokunoshima, Japan to take up a job teaching English through the JET program. It is with sadness I leave and will not be here to see the great changes that are to come with our dojo. However, Steven Chaffee and Robert Carra have trained with me, my seniors, and my peers for a long time, and the dojo would not be where it is with out their support and effort. I gladly leave them the dojo and know they will carry on the work we have started.

Thank you and Karate no michi.

International visit

We are glad to have in our dojo this week Craig Martin-Smith Shihan, all the way from Buken Kan, New Plymouth, New Zealand. We appreciate him making the trip out, and he is been making his way around to the other dojos during his visit to the United States. Image